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About Kris:

Memphis based sound engineer turned singer-songwriter Kris Acklen has spent over a decade studying the art of songwriting from behind the mixing console. Having worked with high level talents locally and on tour, now Kris takes the stage with his own heartfelt songwriting in the Americana, Country, Pop, and Singer-Songwriter genres.

Off The Stage:


    Kris has toured the U.S. and Canada as a front of house mix engineer for Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing, Wheatus, and Grammy nominated violinist Jeremy Kittel's Kittel & Co. While they were based out of Memphis, Kris was the front of house engineer for The Band Camino. In 2021, Kris ran the in ear monitor mixes for Everclear and front of house mixed for Wheatus during the Summerland Tour 2021 Leg 1. Kris has also travelled to Nashville for songwriting sessions. As for Kris' solo and side projects he works closely with writing partners and band mates Joe Johnson, Mark Petty II (Kris Acklen Band, Roger Mexico, Headrest) and Brandon Ticer (Kris Acklen Band, Wheatus). In 2019, Kris and Mark cowrote the title track to Dolphin Kick: The Move entitled "Dive In." Kris also worked with Memphis/Atlanta rapper RENEGADE El REY, recording his early mixtapes.

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